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Beginning Agility - 8 Week Introduction Class



Teaches safe and correct performance of all obstacles.  The concentration of the course is on developing the motivation, speed and skills necessary for future success in competition.  Basic handling moves are taught, with an emphasis on correct body language to insure clear communication with your dog.  Training methods are positive and the use of food treats and/or toys is required.  Clicker training is highly recommended.


Requirements - Current shot record is necessary.  Dogs must be a minimum of 6 months old and have completed an Alchemy Beginner Obedience class.  A Graduation certificate from another obedience class will be accepted.  If your dog is home schooled, he can be evaluated for basic skills of sit, down and stay.  Contact us to set up a private evaluation.



Intermediate Agility - 8 Week Sessions  


Basic skills taught in beginner class are integrated into a complete sequence.  handlers are taught how to correctly walk a course, plan strategies and improve their own performance of all handling maneuvers.


Continued training in motivation and positive feedback for the canine teammate.  Weave pole, teeter & jumping performance will be improved and perfected.


Requirements - Current shot record is necessary.  Completion of Alchemy beginner Agility class or approval of instructor.  Contact us to set up a private evaluation.


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Advanced Agility - 8 Week Sessions


This class is designed for students that are currently competing or are considered "Trial Ready". 


The focus of these classes is the improvement of existing handler and canine skills.  Lesson plans include advance course strategies, learning to minimize your dog's path and course time, obstacle discrimination, layering and much more.


Class level and challenges are suitable for dogs competing at the advance levels of agility.


Requirements - Current shot record is necessary.  Instructor approval is necessary for this level.  Contact us to set up a private evaluation.




Alchemy's Agility classes are held in an outside training facility in Woodstock. 

Class size is limited to 10 students.

Classes run in  8 week sessions.

Beginner level - $160

Intermediate level - $120

Advanced level - $100


Private lessons are also available.






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Webster's definition of Alchemy is; any seemingly magical process of changing ordinary materials into something of true merit.


Whether you are looking for a well-mannered companion or the thrill of competition, Alchemy Dog Training can help you achieve your goal. 

Please take a look around our website and discover the magic of Alchemy Dog Training.


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Located in the Atlanta, GA metro area, Alchemy provides a wide variety of dog training services and options.  Offering both group classes and private classes in Agility and Obedience in addition to boarding and behavioral sessions, Alchemy has the flexibility to meet you and your dog's needs.

Anne Jones, owner of Alchemy and primary trainer, brings her students a rich background of instructing and training.  Very active in the canine training and performance community, Anne is always continuing her education about dogs thereby providing you with the best, well-researched training options available.  All Alchemy's assistant trainers have titled multiple dogs in both obedience and agility.

Alchemy Dog Training is not just for competition students, our positive training methods are designed to teach your dog the obedience commands that will make him a more enjoyable companion.  A dog that can accompany you on hikes, family vacations and to social gatherings is a happy and fulfilled dog.  Training not only benefits you, but your dog as well.

At Alchemy Dog Training, all students, both canine and human, are treated with dignity and respect.  All training methods used are positive, fun and effective.


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Contact Information

For further information, Anne Jones can be contacted through the information provided below.

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Postal address
4995 Ridgemore Court
Acworth. GA  30102
Training Facility Location
6625 Commerce Parkway
       Woodstock, GA   30189
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