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Anne Jones
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Anne and Kimba - First in Utility A at Ridgeback National Specialty

My introduction to dog training began at age 13 with the arrival of a much longed for family dog.  I taught "Ranger" to commando crawl, count fingers by barking, jump over objects, sit pretty, beg and countless other tricks.  He was my best friend.

My professional training career waited until much later in life.  An engaging hobby that began in 1990 with my first Ridgeback "Kimba", turned into a passion that allowed me to leave a management career with ToysRUs and follow my heart.  In 1996 the training and instructing I'd been doing part time became a full time career.


In 1995 I was looking for a way to put some fun back into my working relationship with Kimba, my 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. We'd been doing obedience for years and the zest was definitely fading.  Agility was the answer for us.  One year later she had earned a few agility titles, finished her UD and was the #1 Ridgeback in agility that year.   She kept on going, first Ridgeback to earn an AX and the first to earn an MX.   She was a great gal, always willing to try - at least when it came to the fun stuff.


Thanks to Kimba's success I was talked into starting an agility class, nothing fancy, just some friends that wanted to learn how.  One class became two, then three... now Alchemy has 11 Agility classes going every week.  Students run the range from Dachshunds to Great Danes, Border Collies to Beagles, all striving for their best possible performance.  Please visit the page with our titles, we're proud of our diversity and accomplishments. 


My personal accomplishments include ranking several of my dogs in the top ten Agility Ridgebacks every year they were in competition. 

Kimba top ten in '95, '96, '97

Beckett top ten in '96, '97, '98, '99 & '00

Kira top ten in '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06 '07, '08

Beckett is the first Ridgeback to have earned the combined titles  UD, MX, and MXJ.   


As the owner of Alchemy Dog Training, my goal is to ensure the satisfaction of all my clients.  I want all my clients to finish each session believing they have  received the very best training available.


My experience and club affiliations includes:

Obedience instructor and trainer since 1992


Competing with my own dogs and clients' dogs, I've trained for and earned:  20 Obedience titles, 36 Agility titles and 20 Conformation  Championships. 


Owner/Trainer of Nationally ranked Obedience and Agility Ridgebacks since 1994


More than 150 Alchemy students have entered competition and earned titles with their dogs since classes began in 1996


President of 4 Paw Performance Club of North Georgia


Chairman for the Atlanta Kennel Club's Obedience and Agility Trials


AKC sanctioned Match judge, Obedience and Conformation


Certified Obedience Judge for Australian Shepherd Club of America


AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator


Board Member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States

Dogs Owned and Trained by Anne Jones



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