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Dogs Don't Believe In Democracy
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Dogs Don't Believe in Democracy


I have been helping owners improve their relationships with their dogs for over 8 years.  Usually our one on one training sessions involved owners trying to understand why their dogs were not behaving as expected.  I found that the same questions and answers were repeated over and over, session after session.  It didn't matter if the dog was a Miniature Poodle or a German Shepherd, the concerns were nearly always the same.


To better serve my clients, I compiled all this information in my booklet "Dogs Don't Believe in Democracy".  DDBD explains the way that dogs view us, our relationships with them, and how they respond to the various signals we give them on an everyday basis. 


Information for this booklet comes mostly from watching dogs interacting with other dogs:  my own dogs, client's dogs, breeders' dogs... one of the most helpful was a pack of 16 Siberian Huskies, all living together as a fairly amicable group.  Dogs do not relate to people any differently than they relate to other dogs. Unfortunately, too many owners expect dogs to act like people.


This booklet has proved so popular that several veterinarians and dog trainers are recommending it to their clients.  It is now available by mail, information on ordering is below.


Chapters in DDBD

Dog's Don't Believe in Democracy

Dominance, What it really means

How a Dog Learns

Barking, jumping, stealing, how to make it stop...

Ways to Play

Leadership Role Questionnaire

Golden Rules of Dog Training


To purchase this booklet, send $8 to

Alchemy Dog Training

4995 Ridgemore Court

Acworth GA  30102







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