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Puppy Training

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Have a new puppy?

Your brand new bundle of joy has arrived, and you realize it's been years since you've had a puppy.  So many questions...


    How often and much should I feed?

    How often does he need to go out?

    How can I help him sleep through the night?

    When can he learn to walk on a leash?

    When can he start training?

    Why isn't he learning to go outside?


You know the questions, we have the answers.  Alchemy's New Puppy Sessions are done in your home, we get you started out right before any problems start.  Learn the quickest and easiest methods of housebreaking, how to teach your puppy to sit, lay down, come when called and walk on a leash in a happy and positive way all before they are 4 months old.  No leash corrections are ever used on young puppies.


Training sessions can be done as early as 8 weeks, because it's all done in your own home, your puppy's health will not be compromised.


Teach your puppy how to do things the right way

from the very start.


Sessions are $90 per hour



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